We provide great Experiences for people to enjoy while helping charities raise more money.

Book a vacation, play golf, take a lesson, or enjoy other fun experiences and know that you’re getting a good deal and that a big donation is automatically generated for your favorite non-profit organization. We’ll show you how much goes to your favorite cause! So set up your free account now.

We provide individuals a chance to simply purchase experiences directly from our site and choose the charity they want to help.

  1. Browse our huge selection of great Experiences

Browse our selection of hundreds of fun Experiences and see why they are so popular. You'll see exactly what you'll pay and how much you'll save. Plus you'll see exactly what will be donated to your selected charity when you purchase the experience.

Browse Experiences

  2. View details, photos and videos

Click on any experience to view a full detail page that shows photos, descriptions, videos and more. All the information you need to help decide which great Experience you want to purchase to help your favorite charity.

  3. Purchase, print and Go Have Fun!

When you have selected the Experience you want, simply purchase it using your credit card or PayPal account. You'll receive an email confirmation as well as a link to print your certificate immediately. Get ready to have some fun, and feel good about helping your favorite charity.

  • 1. Select Fun Experiences

    Great selection. Find the best fit for your fundraiser.
  • 2. Sell Them at Your Event

    We make that easy. Your supporters love having fun!
  • 3. Tell Us Which Experiences Sold

    You keep between 40% and 90% of the winning bid!

  • Year-Round Fundraiser!

    Promote your custom branded TravelPledge website to your supporters and raise funds throughout the year.
Great Experiences for Fundraising Events

Auction. Items. Done.

  1. Selecting Experiences for your Event

Browse our selection of hundreds of fun Experiences and see why they are so popular (and how your organization makes far more money!) When you’re ready to begin, start adding items to your event and one of our knowledgeable Experience Consultants will help you pick the right set of Experiences for your audience. More experiences are being added all the time by generous business owners.

Get Started

  2. Selling the Experiences with No Risk

Depending on the type of experience, your great cause will receive between 40% and 90% of the entire winning bid! (Compare that to old school "consignment"!) And there is no risk. Your non-profit only pays for the certificates that are actually sold, so you can use them at your fundraising event with no cost to your organization.

  3. Telling Us What You Sold

After your event, let us know which Experiences you sold and we will send an invoice for the total due (based on the providers' donation settings). In all cases, you’ll keep between 40% and 90% of the winning bids! Once we receive your payment, your Winning Bidders will automatically receive their Certificates so they can easily redeem them.

  Promote Your Year Round Fundraising Website

All non-profit organizations that join TravelPledge get a free custom branded (your logo, your colors, all about your organization) TravelPledge site. Promote this special website to your donors in emails, social postings, and elsewhere and watch the resulting donations. Tell your donors to GO have fun!

Example: One of your donors spends $100 on a golf lesson promoted on your TravelPledge site, and your organization receives $80 (80% of what is spent!).