About TravelPledge

We help nonprofits raise money and improve donor engagement. Since 2011, we’ve developed many creative and fun ways to generate donations converting fun experiences into donations. Thanks to our platform, more than 11,000 nonprofits are now connected to nearly $100M in fun experiences posted by generous businesses. We pride ourselves on providing this direct connection.


While attending a fundraising gala in 2010, TravelPledge founder Mike Last bid on a “priceless” vacation and found himself headed for Ireland. After the event, Mike asked the event organizer for more financial details on some of the trips they sold at the gala, and he learned that the nonprofit had struggled to get trips on their own before the event, so they resorted to adding “consignment” vacations. Mike was surprised to learn that nearly his entire “donation” was not going to the cause he was trying to help, but rather it was going to the consignment company.

And with that, TravelPledge was born to connect nonprofits directly with generous business owners to ensure bigger donations and happier winning bidders.


Since 2010, TravelPledge has focused on flipping the old school consignment model upside down and matching nonprofits with generous business owners. Over the next 10 years, TravelPledge built relationships with more than 11,000 nonprofits. The platform evolved based primarily on feedback from these nonprofit organizations, and we keep helping them raise more money each year.

Locating generous business owners to participate was no easy task, but we built free platforms that guarantee them valuable promotion to a very affluent audience. We put them in full control of their donation settings, the quantity, details, and promotional materials. This ensures that we’re able to gather the best experiences that nonprofits want to convert into donations.


LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL! We heard time and time again from nonprofits that the most valuable experiences for auctions do not require the winning bidder to take a long flight. Based on this feedback, we’ve added $Millions in local bed and breakfasts, golf courses, resorts, wine tastings, dance instructors, and much more- all within a short drive of the gala. Nonprofits are now automatically matched with local experiences (many of which have low price points that engage the entire donor base vs just a few heavy hitters).

In addition, TravelPledge has evolved to be far more than just a fundraising event solution. We’ve come to understand that nonprofits need year-round fundraising solutions and fun ways to keep their donors engaged.

Each nonprofit receives a custom-branded Donor Marketplace that offers a nice selection of fun experiences in a “buy it now” environment. From time to time, a generous experience provider will post an exclusive “flash sale” (half price, limited quantity) that appears on these custom-branded websites. Nonprofits jump on these, promote them to their donors for year-round fun and incremental donations.

We also learned firsthand that nonprofits struggle to accurately load their items into their mobile bidding and online auction software, so we invested in API integration technology that eliminates .csv files and saves participating nonprofits time and headaches. Thanks to this development, TravelPledge experiences can be automatically added and synced with your mobile bidding or online auction solution.

"We are proud of our accomplishments, helping nonprofits raise more and more money each year and putting a much bigger portion of the auction sales directly into their pockets and leaving old school consignment behind. Thanks to the generosity of our providers, we’ll soon reach $100M in fun local (and not so local) experiences that nonprofits can easily convert into big donations. We’ll always maintain our core principles and our platform will always be transparent, direct and efficient."

- Mike Last, Founder TravelPledge