How can I help to promote your solution to non-profit fundraising leaders?

 Selling off-season (and doing some good) sounds great! How much I'll receive when someone books?

 How do I get my listing to appear on your "Featured Listings"?

 Are my cleaning costs covered?

 What are some "Best Practices" for Owners?

 What does it cost me to be part of this?

 I donate time at my property to a silent auction every year. Can Geronimo help with that? How?

 When do I receive payment to cover cleaning fees/ any rent due me/ etc? When is a donation made?

 I have a management company that handles rentals at my property. Can I still create a listing?

 Is there a contract to sign?

 Who decides which non-profit(s) benefit from my donation?

 Do I get a Tax Deduction?

 Do you collect a damage deposit / damage waiver to protect me?

 Can this affect my deductions related to personal use rules. How do these tax rules work?

 What is the refund policy when someone rents?

 Where will my listing appear?

 How is my listing promoted?

 What is your “network” of non-profit supporters, and how can this help me?

 Will you build a private label fundraising website for my favorite charity?

 Can I restrict who is allowed to rent my place?

 How do I make sure I get your communications?

 Can I donate to a charity that is not in the United States?

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 How do I make sure I get your communications?

 How do I get the keys to my rental?

 How does this work?

 Is there a contract to sign?

 What is the refund policy?

 How can I help to promote Geronimo?

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 What is your refund policy when we sell one of your fun experiences?

 What is "minimum bid" and how is it used at an event?

 I know this is a lot better than "consignment" since the donations are so much higher. Show me examples.

 Can you help me with experiences for my silent/live auction?

 How does Geronimo cover its costs?

 How much will I raise with this program? Provide examples.

 How much time will this take? We have a very limited staff.

 When and how do we receive our donations?

 Is there a contract to sign?

 How do I set up my private label fundraising website?

 How do I edit my (private label) website?

 Can I promote my promotional partners on your site?

 What are some best practices for non-profits?

 How do I make sure I get your communications?

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 Can you help me handle all of the requests that I get for silent auction donations?

 Are you integrated with my Property Management Software?

 How can I get extra promotion on Geronimo?

 How much does it cost to participate?

 Do I receive my commission on Geronimo reservations? If so, when do I receive payment?

 How will I post / manage my listings/ donations?

 How are my listings promoted?

 Which charities can benefit?

 Can my owners pick the charities that will benefit?

 What is your cancellation policy?

 Will you feature my properties on Geronimo home page for better visibility?

 Why should I use

 How do I make sure I get Geronimo (email) communications?

 How much time will this take? Is it automated?

 How do I update my listing with new photos, description, features?

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 I would like to donate an experience and promote my business. Where do I go?

 How do I know that I'll get great promotion?

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