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Red Apple Auctions

PO Box 6066, Arlington, VA 22206

Are you a Non-Profit or School Looking for Fresh Ideas to Make More Money Faster and Easier with a Charity Auction? Red Apple Auctions is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area and works with clients nationally.

They are a boutique firm, specializing in fundraising auctions held by schools and nonprofits. They don’t run auctions for real estate, estates, livestock, automobiles, liquidations, or anything like that, unless it’s a part of a charity auction.

Founder Sherry Truhlar travels extensively. If the stars align, an in-person meeting isn’t out of the question.

Contact by phone: 1-888-474-0838
Contact by email:
Visit website:

Ball Droppers

3758 E. 104th Ave, #55, Thornton, CO 80233

Looking to raise money, but a little differently? Ball Droppers is an organization that will help you put together a one-of-a-kind fundraising event, dropping golf balls out of helicopters! What is a Ball Drop? You sell numbered golf balls to your supporters as a chance to win something at the end of the event. We'll take all the numbered golf balls and drop them from a helicopter to find which balls land closest to your target and BAM ... there's your event!!

Have a charity golf outing? Maybe looking to replace the last cookie dough fundraiser at your school? We can help you with a unique software platform that will take care of all your admin work (so you don't have to), then let us show you the way to raising money in a way you've never thought of!

Contact by phone: (203) 606-4291
Contact by email:
Visit website:

1631 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232 is web-based software designed to help volunteer-driven groups plan, manage, and run fundraising auctions - live, silent, online, and mobile. They mainly serve schools, PTAs, PTOs, and the like, but it is important to note that about 30% of their customer base are NOT school-related; they include service clubs (Rotary, Optimists, Lions, etc.), animal-welfare groups, medical-focused charities, and many other non-profit organizations. is a service of Northworld LLC, the premier provider of targeted benefit-auction software solutions. Which is to say, they are a software company who likes to help non-profits with their fundraisers. They are a small company, based in Portland, Oregon. When you talk to one of them, you’re talking to someone who knows a lot about fundraising auctions. They developed our software because we had to – the original developers were recruited to run a school fundraising auction in 2004 and the other partners found them when THEY were running other school auctions. Since then, they've helped over 1,000 other auction teams in 42 states (and counting!) run events. They've been working full-time on this since 2006 and live, breathe, eat and sleep auctions.

Contact by phone: (503) 715-1112
Visit website: